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The Perms


Over the course of fourteen years the Canadian trio The Perms have put out five discs of infectious power pop music. I recently talked to the band about their latest CD Sofia Nights, the impressive European response to their music, their plans for 2012 and more.

MK - Can you give me a rundown of the band's history?

The Perms - The band started in 1998 in Brandon, Manitoba Canada. After, releasing our first record in 1998 and achieving a notable buzz, the band decided to move to Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada to concentrate on recording and touring. The band proceeded to record four more albums and tour across Canada.

MK - The band has been together since 1998 and Sofia Nights is your fifth disc. How would you say your sound has progressed from that debut to now?

The Perms - Well the songwriting is more thought out. We spend more time arranging, re-writing and experimenting with this last record.

MK - How does your songwriting process tend to work?

The Perms - Usually someone comes in with an idea, maybe a riff or most of a song and we just start jamming it out until we have come up with the basic idea for the song. We then go on to demo the song a few times to listen back and come up with more ideas.

MK - How do you think you've managed to stay together for so many years?
The Perms - Well we all love playing music, we all love playing live and creating music and we all are very easy going. No egos in this band.

MK - Looking through your archives of tour dates I don't see anything in the US. Why have you never played here and do you have plans to ever play here?

The Perms - It is very difficult to tour in the United States when your from Canada. There is alot of paperwork that needs to be completed and they have very bizarre rules and regulations about when you play and how far in advance you have to book. We have concentrated our efforts on Europe which is easier to tour and you don't have to go through all the red tape. So no plans to tour the United States in the next little bit.

MK - You did some dates in Europe last year. How was that experience and what was the response like?

The Perms - The response was amazing. It was refreshing to play in front of a new audience. The fans that came out were there to listen. It was a humbling experience. When we playing in Bulgaria it was especially humbling because we were treated with the VIP experience and the fans were so polite and responsive to our music. Were planning to go back in September.

MK - The Internet has completely changed the music industry since you started. What are your thoughts on the impact of the Internet on the music world?

The Perms - Well, the Internet has definitely played in our favor. We're able to get our music out to more people, we're able to communicate with our current fans and make new fans through social marketing sites. When we first started the band we were hand writing our mailing list newsletters. Things have changed. As far as piracy goes, it hasn't hurt us. We make money in other areas of the music business.

MK - I read that you consider yourself power pop and I would definitely agree with that. I have been a longtime fan of power pop, but to me it's never really gotten it's just due. Do you have any thoughts on why power pop has never been huge?

The Perms - Not really sure why, it hasn't taken on that commercial success that other genres have achieved but I guess that's kind of why I like powerpop music. It's only known by a small amount of music fans

MK - What are your plans for 2012?

The Perms - Tour of Europe in May 2012, Tour of Bulgaria September 2012, tour of Canada Oct 2012 and releasing album #6.

MK - Do you have anything else you would like to share with readers?

The Perms - You can check us out at

Interview By Geoff Melton


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